How exactly do we “support” our troops?


Happy Veteran’s Day to all of our military personnel and their families!

Thank you–most sincerely–for your service!

If you are a veteran, there’s all sorts of freebies out there for you today, which I think is wonderful! Please, vets, take advantage of a free meal or an extra discount!  I think it is the least we–as a country–can do for our military personnel, both past and present.

I love it when I see that companies extend discounts to our military personnel; just a little extra “thanks” that shows a certain amount of class.

But for a while now I’ve been ruminating on the “Support Our Troops” campaign.  How can I–one citizen–offer support and thanks to our military personnel.  Furthermore, how exactly does someone “support our troops”?  I guess the meaning of this is lost on me.

Curious person that I am, I have tried to research ways that I can personally lend a hand in my daily life.

I followed links to volunteer my service, but they led no where.  I reached out to my local congressman–a veteran himself–to find out how I could somehow help the cause, but received no response.  Together with my son, I’ve cleaned up cemeteries and righted every fallen flag I’ve seen. I’ve asked vets about some of the campaigns I’ve noticed, but nothing has ever panned out. Going straight to the VA hasn’t even worked.

I’ve not served in the armed forces.  I chose, instead, to go to college. I am grateful that I had the choice.

In many countries, military service is a requirement, not a choice.  I’m truly grateful for those who have given their time, and in many cases their lives, for the freedom I enjoy every day.

And, believe me, I DO indeed enjoy my freedom!  The important issue of freedom has not been lost on me.   I have never taken for granted my freedom, which was won and has continued to be defended time and again for over 200 years now.

I love that I can be free!  I really do!!  I love that I can read or think or speak about issues and not be censored.  I love that I can worship any way I please.  I’ve always appreciated the phrase “and the pursuit of happiness”.  No guarantees, but always free to try and reach that goal of happiness.

But…I want to show my support!  I want to thank every veteran I meet for their service…not just today, but every day.  I want to help and be a part of being an American.

But, honestly, I’m beginning to feel like the only thing I can do is pay “lip service” to the cause.

What more can I do to help?  This is an honest question.  Where can I be of service for real?

I am full of questions and I’m longing for some answers.

Have you got some advice for me?

Have you struggled with the same issues?

Please, let’s discuss!

3 thoughts on “How exactly do we “support” our troops?

  1. Do you have a VA hospital or senior services in your area? Maybe if you presented your self as a volunteer face to face you would get answers. There may be lonely individuals who would just appreciate a friendly visit.
    Bless you for thinking of all the veterans and appreciating our freedom!

  2. Have you considered sending care packages and letters to the troops deployed overseas? With the holidays approaching, this could be a nice project for you and MO. If you google “care packages for overseas troops” you will find a number of organizations that you can contact for names and mailing info. is the one I used.

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