Cricut Access Challenge: Treasure hunting in the Access archives

Hello, again! Are you ready for Day 4 of my Cricut Access Challenge?

Here’s a simple card from the vast image archives that make up Cricut Access. It’s from an old Cricut cartridge called Winter Woodland, which was released about five years ago.

Oftentimes crafters want to work on the latest and greatest crafting ideas, but I’m here to remind you that there is a wealth of amazing images from years and years of content creation from Cricut.

That’s because years ago Cricut machines ran on what are called cartridges, which were essentially image sets centered around a theme.

Each cartridge was packed with content. While there weren’t a lot of completed projects, you would find bits and pieces you could assemble into whatever you liked.

Some cartridges, like this one, had some cards and projects, too, but for the most part it was just an amazing group of images (and sometimes fonts!) that you could manipulate any way you’d like—giving you the freedom to create whatever you could dream up.

And, thankfully, all of that luscious, luscious content is made available to you via Cricut Access!!

So why not go treasure hunting with me in that vast library? You can get there by scrolling through the “Cartridges” section of Image Search? You might be amazed at what you find!

Specifics about this card:

In the first example, I used Sparkle Holographic vinyl for the skater’s costume to show you how you can mix up your materials. After all, vinyl doesn’t just have to be used for decals!

As per usual, I cut this card twice so I could show you how you can mix things up, using glitter (my favorite!) and foil poster board in the second example. I changed the skin tone, too, and I like the darker tone. It’s okay to cut things more than once and I often do!

Which one is your favorite?

Also of note: the envelope for this card, which comes attached to the image. It’s perfectly sized, interestingly cut and really completes the project, don’t you think?

Link to Pinterest pin for this project:

Link to Design Space file on Cricut Community:

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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