Cricut TrueControl Knife

TrueControl Knife and Blades
Do you know about the TrueControl Knife Blade?

The Cricut TrueControl Knife Blade is a marvelous hand tool that can be used on paper, fabric and vinyl and it will change the way you think about hand tools.

Sure, you probably have used those other craft knives.  But–if you are a clumsy crafter, like me–you have had your share of cuts and pokes when using them.  To be perfectly honest, my experiences with the other craft knives puts it right up there with the other dangerous but necessary hand tool, the glue gun.

Thankfully, Team Cricut re-engineered the standard art knife making it my favorite hand tool!  The new knife is ergonomic, doesn’t roll off your work surface and is so SAFE to use–even when replacing the blades!

TrueControl Knife and Blades
TrueControl Knife and Blades

Maybe you’ve already got a TrueControl Knife, but did you know it now comes in Kit form? The kit includes the knife and five replacement blades.


TrueControl Replacement Blades
TrueControl Replacement Blades

See how I have marked the used blade on the far left?  Once I’ve filled up the secure packaging with dull knife blades I can safely discard them without worrying about anyone getting hurt.

Thanks again, Team Cricut!  You guys really do think of everything, don’t you?


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Thank you and you know what I always say: “Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

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