NEW Cricut Super HOT Mystery Box

It’s time for the Super HOT Mystery Box!

The Super Hot Mystery Box is aptly named, because it is PACKED with Cricut products!

Super Hot Mystery Box:

Here’s what you get:

• Vinyl Sampler, Bright
• Cardstock Sampler, Jewels
• Fine Point Pen Set, Tapestry
• Strong Grip Transfer Tape
• Patterned Iron-On Sampler, Nature Walk Basics
• Everyday Iron-On Sampler, Neutrals
• Everyday Iron-On, Navy
• Everyday Iron-On, Raspberry
• Designer Fabric Sampler, Garden Girl
• Rose Weeder

ALL for $39.99!

bPRqZ22BRFqrp%+Kd9o7hQDon’t forget to use my link AND code to save 10% more AND get FREE SHIPPING!*

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My code: MISSRITA4

*You will need to add an item or two to your card to bring it up to $50 (retail) to receive the additional discount and free shipping.

Don’t delay!  

The Super Hot Mystery Box won’t last!



Best always,

Miss Rita

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2 thoughts on “NEW Cricut Super HOT Mystery Box

  1. Thank you… I purchased it before you finished explaining all of it…. lol… it’s a good one… wow!

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