YouTube Video: Making a Pillow with Cricut Patterned Iron-On

Pillow from a Market Bag

I love this project!

I re-purposed a simple market bag–which I decorated with some beautiful Cricut Patterned Iron-On and a simple tool!  You can learn how to create this adorable project in minutes!!  It’s unbelievably easy to do with your Cricut, my FREE Design Space file and this amazing Cricut Patterned Iron-On!!

YouTube video can be found here:

There are dozens of patterned iron-on choices on  Some are designers like Rob & Bob, Anna Griffin, and Natalie Malan.  Some are licensed like Marvel.  Also lots of foils, holographic and holographic glitter options are available, too!  All the rolls have a generous amount to play with and usually three different patterns.

For this project, I used a sheet from the Moroccan Sampler.

Here’s the Pinterest link to this project:

And here is the FREE Design Space file in the Cricut Community:

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Thank you and you know what I always say: “Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

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Miss Rita

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Pinterest link to this project:

Design Space file in Cricut Community:



Another Target Dollar Spot Find, Cricut-ed!

It seems my post about Target’s Dollar Spot has struck a cord with a lot of my readers!

Perhaps there are more “frugal”–dare I say “cheap”?–people out there than I imagined?!?

Of course, I’d be foolish if I didn’t capitalize on this momentum, wouldn’t I?

So today I’m showing you what I did with a $3 Target Dollars Spot cosmetic case and some new Cricut Holographic Vinyl.

Holographic anything is right up there with foil and glitter for me, so I–of course–jumped at the chance to get some of this brand new Iron On from Cricut when it first released.

Again, totally worth it!

My only complaint about Holographic materials in general is that they are difficult to photograph, but otherwise I could stare at this shiny stuff forever. Couldn’t you?

I chose this adorable and quite roomy cosmetic bag from Target’s Dollar Stop on my recent visit.

And, yes, it was only three dollars!

Look how glammed up it looks with Cricut’s new Holographic Iron-On!!

Simple, cute and CHEAP!!

Cricut Access Challenge: Target Dollar Spot Case

My Design Space files include SIX different designs that would be appropriate for this project–all cute and correctly sized–so you could really go to town with this project and make one for each of your friends!

Here’s the Pinterest pin for this project:

And here is the Design Space file in Cricut Community:

And don’t forget the Holographic Iron-On from Cricut, which you can find through my affiliate link:


Here’s the link to yesterday’s project featuring a faux leather passport cover from the Target Dollar Spot: Cricut Access Challenge meets Target Dollar Stop!

Had enough? No???

Good! I’m glad you want more, because I’ll be doing a monthly Target Dollar Spot post here on the blog. You might want to bookmark my site so you don’t miss a thing!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Here are the links again:

Pinterest link:

And here is the Design Space file in Cricut Community:

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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